• Luisa Nims

An Emotional Connection to Consumers Must Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

“The ability to make an emotional connection is so often misunderstood because it’s not about being emotional or showing emotion. It’s about making a human connection—one person to another.” Scott Edinger, founder of the Edinger Consulting Group

An Emotional Connection to Consumers Must Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

When I first moved back to the States fifteen years ago after a five-year stay in Belgium, a friend of mine came to visit. At the time, I had relocated from Antwerp to the East Bay of San Francisco. I took her to the local grocery store to check out the food. She wanted to see what all the fuss was about after hearing from colleagues regarding the huge selection available in American grocery stores.

I remember standing with her in the cereal aisle. She was staring at a wall of cereal boxes. G* was gobsmacked, overwhelmed, and declared we needed to leave. It was all too much for her. Her legs were actually a bit shaky. I laughed because I did not realize until that moment how ridiculous is the number of choices we have in the United States. Even in countries with fewer options, the buying landscape is too much for most of us so we rely upon meaning emotional connections driven by perceptual assessments to do the decision-making for us.

Emotional connections are really about building trust--whether we speak about brand or human relationships. The level of emotional connection will indicate the strength of a relationship, driving loyalty and engagement. Experiences over time will determine the level of commitment in the relationship.

It is no different than choosing to spend time with someone with whom you have developed a strong, trusting relationship--or turning down dates with an individual you do not trust. Eventually, the relationship will either flourish or dwindle away as you disengage from the person. Brands work in the same way: they have their own personalities. They require an emotional connection that must be nurtured and requires a targeted strategy of engagement.

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