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When people think of a brand, they think of a logo and this alone doesn’t set you apart in a crowded field...Pretty much everyone knows they need to have a logo. Some people even understand that having a certain tone of voice is important and struggle to find it (who hasn't?!?). 

These elements alone do not broadcast what’s unique about you. It doesn’t inform every element of your business, from your tagline to your emails and blog posts to the way your employees say “hi” and “thank you” to your customers.

A brand strategy defines the unique space you occupy in the minds of your audience. It creates meaning and connection that guides you in every way you make an impression. And does it with continuity, consistency, and clarity. Having a brand strategy is a capital investment in your business. It is no different than buying equipment, buildings, and infrastructures. And this is my specialty. 

With a brilliant brand strategy, every element of your business works together, to set you apart... burning your company into people's minds everywhere. 

I have worked for Fortune 500 companies helping them qualitatively with brand erosion issues, packaging innovations, portfolio revamps, and outlet segmentations along with cultural deep dives.

I have collaborated with small businesses to define what they stand for, create blueprints for their brand to make business easier, and develop new product lines.

Whether you are big or small the challenges are the same. My ideal client is less about the size and more about a commitment to the long-term success of your company.